10 Tips for Building the Ultimate Lego Army

Do you want to build the ultimate lego army set? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will share 10 tips that will help you create an unstoppable Lego military force. Whether you’re looking to recreate your favourite scenes from history or just want a cool display piece for your office, these tips will help you create the perfect Lego army. So what are you waiting for? Start building today!***

Creating a lego army is a fun and creative way to bring your imagination to life! You can create your own unique military using LEGO bricks, minifigures and accessories. Whether you want to build an entire battalion of troops or just a small combat squad, there are endless possibilities for creating your own custom lego military. Here are some tips to get you started with creating your very own lego army:

1. Decide on the size of your lego military – will it be large or small? How many figures do you need? This will determine which sets and pieces you should buy.

2. Choose between regular Lego bricks or specialty pieces like guns and vehicles that can be used to create realistic army scenes.

3. Consider adding accessories and pieces to customize your army such as flags, tents, and other decorations.

4. Choose colors that work well together and coordinate with your figures’ uniforms or camouflage.

5. Once you have all the pieces, it’s time to put them together and start assembling your lego military! Be creative in how you arrange the figures and create interesting scenes that show off your creativity.

Creating a lego army is a great way to challenge yourself creatively while having fun at the same time! With just a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to building an amazing custom Lego military that will be sure to impress! Happy building!***


If you’re a fan of lego and military history, creating your own Lego army is a great way to combine the two. Building an army out of Legos can be fun and educational as it encourages creativity, problem solving skills, and allows for more interaction with miniature figures.

When building a Lego army, begin by deciding what type of soldiers make up your force. Choose from classic infantry pieces such as rifles and machine guns or even give your soldiers special powers with accessories like lasers or grappling hooks. Once you’ve decided on the type of troops that will make up your army, research their uniforms and equipment so that you can accurately recreate them in Lego form.

Next, decide on where you want to place your army. Some people like to create a specific battle scene, while others prefer to make an entire city or landscape for their Lego military to defend. You can also use items from other sets such as buildings and vehicles to give your army more depth and complexity.

Once you’ve designed the setting for your Lego military, start thinking of stories and scenarios that will bring them to life. Create a storyboard or write out your ideas so that you can keep track of what each troop is doing within the overall plotline. This will help you build out the pieces needed in order to accurately portray what’s happening in your story.

Building a Lego army doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; it just requires some creativity and dedication. With the right materials, you can create a detailed military force that will stand the test of time. So gather your Legos and get building! Your Lego army awaits.

Double Sided Strapon

Double sided strapon Fix Double Chin: The double sided strapons dildo are contrived of medically approved leather and rubber with simple designs and patterns. There are diverse colors as you prefer them. You can fix them without pressing your ears. The craftsmen kept two V-shaped hollows in proportion to your ears.

The double sided strapon straps are soft, flexible, comfortable, slack, and stable so that you can loose and tighten your muscles. The double sided strapons are used to even the wrinkles of your face and remove the spots by creating moisture. These double sided strapons create huge sexual; stimulation in your body and you start looking so smart and sexy. The V-shape lets you hear well.

The sexual and sweet smell of the double sided strapon creates odor that you feel like having fallen in intercourse. The specialty of the double sided strapon is to straighten your face-line reducing the fatty tissues of your chin.  There are easy double sided strapons with harness to join with other parts like neck. There are some notable colors of the double sided strapon like brown, pink, purple, and master look. There is a double lift, too. So you feel excited with happiness.  

Overview: The face dildo is the mirror of human beings. It is the reflection of life. Its exquisite beauty can charm anyone. Philosophically saying that a beautiful face is more valuable than multimillion of dollars. Dollars can run out at one time, but a good-looking face is an ever asset.

That is why, every man looks for an attractive face. Women all over the world are found taking care of their faces. They use different cosmetics to scrub out the wrinkles, pimples, and fatty tissues of the lower jaw. But nothing like double sided strapon can function so well. The craftsmen assigned and designed many Face Straps-on for women. The sophisticated and aristocratic women are found engaged in caring their faces. We will focus on some essential and useful Face Straps for all women. 

Cool Facial Slimming double sided strapon: The Cool Facial Slimming double sided strapon is fabricated from graded rubber with straps. It is soft, flexible, and comfortable with an artistic design and pattern. The craftsmen made them sewing by machine. The boarder of the double sided strapon is sewed and given brown and coarse thread. It looks very eye-catching. The main body of the face mask is simple and plain. It is soft, flexible, comfortable, smooth, and washable with soapy water. We suggest you wear them at night as soon as you decide to go to bed to avoid pain. The slimming face mask coincides with your face and as such stresses. There is a double sided strapon from the chin to the throat to the ear gap to the overhead. The dimension of the double sided strapon is peculiar but very effective to slim your face, smoothen the wrinkles, and remove the extra tissues to make you sexy. It is an anti-aging device and we are sure that it will improve the wrinkles on your face. Women prefer to use this product for its unique quality and sexy look. You will get infinite pleasure after wearing the slimming double sided strapon. Cleaning is simple. Have a dry wash.

Buy AHEGAO Products

Ahegao Face is character brand, which is under NAVER. It has opened a new store in Ahegao Online Shop, which incientally has ahegao face shirts and ahegao hoodies. The store was opened on 28 April 2018, and it was a fantastic experience even on the first day. Many people had already lined up ready to purchase products, even before the opening of the store.  At the end of the first day, over eight thousand customers had already visited the store, and this was good signs.

If you have never been there, all you should know is that it is a place where you can quickly empty your wallet, and go back home with their products, as they are amazing.  The store covers a total of one thousand three hundred and twenty-two square meters. It is so far the largest ahegao merch stores in the whole of Japan

On the second floor of this store, you will find several ahegao characters made a character, known as the AHEGAO, sold. Its basement was set aside for the people in their twenties and thirties, meant for social functions, where they will meet and enjoy.

If you are new there and want to have a peaceful time shopping, you ought to know a few things. First, they have some rules set to make the whole process more comfortable and better. With a large number of people entering to look for AHEGAO products, he ahegao need that you line up on your arrival on the second floor.

 The line goes by order of your arrival which means that the people, who arrived earlier, will be given the priority. This is even better since you go there when your mind is already set. If you have a tight schedule, you will have to ensure that you get there among the first people.

With that in mind, I do not think it will be such a big deal when you plan yourself and your time.  Another important thing you should know is that, after queuing, you need to have a ticket, which you should have been given at the entrance.

 This also means that if you do not have a ticket, you will not be able to purchase any of the AHEGAO products. It is sad, but yet this ensures order in the store and reduces risks of people failing to line up. 

The PJs to Jam In

The term “pajamas” is synonymous with comfort. Great for sleeping and lounging, they are a must-have for most people. This review takes a look at bt21 pajamas which have been inspired by BT21 characters.

The Product

The OOHPA BT21 Cartoon Harajuku Pajamas are available in seven patterns. The Koya PJ has pale violet stripes with the cartoons in light blue. The Chimmy version has blue bands with the figures in yellow. Pink lines with matching colored Cooky characters is the third option. The RJ variant has pale blue stripes with the cartoons in white. The one with Mang has light blue lines with the characters in a matching color. Another has sea blue stripes with the Shooky print in brown. The Tata PJ has dark blue bands with the figures in red.

The standard pajama set contains a full-length pant and shirt. It retails at $30 – $33 based on the size and the character of the Bts Merch selected. The product is made of 100% cotton fabric and is meant to be soft and flexible. The tag is excluded to protect delicate skin from abrasion. The product is not original. It is the Chinese version but promises quality similar to the authentic item.

As stated by the seller, the product is measured by hand which may result in a slight deviation in the measurements specified in the description. The colors may also vary slightly from images on account of lighting conditions and monitor resolution. The product is manufactured in Asian Sizes. For compatibility with western measurements, order one size up for a snug fit and more for a loose fit, as per requirement.

The product can be washed in a machine. To avoid wrinkles, remove them immediately from the dryer.

Our Views

The fabric is of good quality, and the product is soft and cozy making it ideal to sleep in. The material is not too thick to be uncomfortable in summer. At the same time, it is not thin enough to be transparent. The product matches the images uploaded by the seller. The design with Tata stands out because of the vibrant hues and sharp prints. At about a third of the cost, the product is considerably cheaper than the original, and the quality is pretty close.

The product dimensions are inconsistent. As with most products that come in Asian sizes, problems with size are common. Some customers have reported that though the shirts fit well, the pants are snug or tend to have an awkward fit. For one customer, the product was small even after ordering two sizes up from what they usually wear. The neck of the shirt may be a little low for some.

The quality of stitching has been found wanting in some cases. The seam of a pant received by one customer was torn at the seat. A few others reported loose threads in the product. One mentioned that the Shooky character on the pajamas was dark blue in color as opposed to the images which show him in brown. One product had a hole in its leg.


If you want a set of cute, comfortable PJs with the BT21 characters on them and not spend a small fortune in the process, go for it.

2 Reasons Naruto Hoodies Are the Greatest Piece of Clothing of All Time

We all know hoodie provide us with warmth and layers and also protect us from harmful elements. Those are the apparent functions of a hoodie, but there is more to that. The importance of Naruto hoodie is way beyond what you are used to.  Do not be that kind of a person who only takes hoodies for autumn reasons. Think about the societal benefits of having it.

Many men have always enjoyed wearing hoodies. However, some men feel like hoodies are not so manly, though this is very far from the truth.  Having some few Naruto hoodies in your wardrobe will with the time change your attitude and style.

Here are the two reasons a Norato hoodie is the best clothing of all times:


 A Naruto hoodie will add style to your wardrobe, always.  You only need to wear it with confidence.  You also have to pair it with some beautiful pieces of clothes. You can choose a nice pair of jeans and cute shoes.  If your hoodie fits well, do not hesitate to add on it a nice looking blazer. This is one thing many people have a problem with. 

 It is clear that, when your Naruto hoodie fits properly, adds on it a blazer and goes out with a lot of courage.   If you want to look stylish, that is the way to go.  Another thing you can add on to a hoodie to make your look great is a trench coat.  But you can only add it if the hoody is light, and not bulky.

 Leather jackets will also go well with your Naruto hoodie.  In this case, your Naruto hoodie from trendyanime.com should not be longer than your jacket.

 A soft, light and warm hoodies will bring you comfort alongside style. You can make use of them during winter, as you will be feeling wrapped in a blanket when wearing them.


 Naruto hoodies come in different designs, and you can select a design that is neither too sweaters, or sporty.  If you chose that, you would be able to hear your hoodie with almost anything.  Khakis, jeans or chinos.  All these pants can be comfortably worn with hoodies.

 When it comes to shoes, hoodies will go well with boating shoes or sneakers.  They are very versatile when it comes to things to match up with them.  It is worth noting that the type of shoes you wear with the Naruto hoodie matter when it comes to the appearance outcome.

 If you need to transition your look, it is effortless with Naruto hoodies.

 The Bottom Line

 Naruto hoodies come with style, comfort, and fashion.  Whether you are a fan of Naruto’s TV series or not, that should not determine your wearing of such cute hoodies. Even though, it can sound great if you are a fan so that you can wear your hoodie to the movies and show loyalty.  If you find the correct hoodie, it will bring out maturity and style. e

Ideas to Keep your Toddler Occupied

Have you ever felt annoyed by the constant distraction from your toddler such that you can’t concentrate on anything else? If you are a mother of a toddler then you understand clearly what I’m saying.

That’s why you need, fail-proof tricks and ideas to get him occupied as you get busy on other projects. Only keep him within your vicinity!

Here are my sure tricks that have always kept my toddler busy as I prepare meals;

5 Ideas to Keep a Toddler Occupied

1.    Water plus bowls plus cups

All kids enjoy playing with water, right? So give the child an assortment of bowls, and cups filled with water at varying levels.

Next, spread out an absorbent material either on the table or floor. Believe me, the toddler is going to get messy and spill out water. Then get her interested in the play by pouring water from one cup into another and so on. Once she gets thrilled by it, she will want o take the lead

 To add more fun into the game and keep her occupied for longer hours, bring food colorings into the game. Color some water in the cups or bowls.

2.    Finger painting

Most kids like painting, drawing messy circles and line. So you can get the toddler occupied along that line of activities.

All you need is a raised chair or table, white paper, and paint. To make the art more intriguing, you can use edible paint. Add some food coloring to a cup of yogurt then you have your edible paint!

With edible paint, you won’t worry about the kid putting the paint in her mouth! Looks interesting huh?

3.    Boxes of varying sizes

If you want some time to home school other children, just collect reborn babies from junoreborns.com of varying sizes and design to the toddler.

From the big refrigerator box to the smaller ones, all will thrill the young mind.  Clear the larger area and spread out the boxes in the floor. She will climb into bigger ones turn them into a hideout.

At times she will just stick them up and push them down again. And all that will buy you time! That means no more burning boxes from now on.

4.    Simple washing of foodstuffs

It’s amazing how some simple tasks keeps kids glued for long. Half fill a bowl with clean water. Set the bowl on the floor and get the toddler sited. Deep one to two pieces of sweet potatoes or tomatoes into the water.

Get her stated into washing the items. Just make sure the items aren’t small enough that she can swallow.

5.    Homemade musical instrument

Most kids are thrilled to bang items like spoons, cooking utensil or bowls. If your little ones have taken into that habit, don’t panic.

Here’s what you should do to keep the toddler occupied. Get a metallic container that you can cork tightly.   But first, drop some like sees or small pebbles into the container.  Your sweetie will be busy playing her instrument as you prepare meals!

So what is this one trick you use to get your little honey busy?

Review of Copper Chef Wok Pan

The copper chef wok pan is an all-around cookware. It differs from other copper made pans in many ways. For instance, did you know that it heats food evenly from both sides and bottom? Despite your large family, the Copper Chef Wok with 6-Qt capacity will safely handle it. Though a single cookware, it correctly serves many purposes.

The Distinguishing Features of Copper Chef Wok

Even Heating from all Sides

In an ordinary pan, the food being cooked receives heat mainly from the bottom. A copper chef wok provides even heating from both sides and bottom. That result in fast and excellent prepared foods. That’s one reason it fits a big family. Also when you own the pan, you won’t worry about your food containing excess oil. Cooking in a copper chef wok requires no oil, grease or grease. Surprisingly I the end the food slides off from the cooking pan effortlessly

Less Cooking Time

With an all-around heating technology, this type of pan will cook your food in half the time taken by other ordinary pans. Although it takes little time, it has a large volume food cooking capacity

Heavy Duty Construction

To ensure that it’s durable, the equipment consists of five layers of construction. From the bottom most to the innermost layers the arrangement is as follows; the bottom layer comprises of the induction plate. Next is the fourth layer for high-temperature exterior coating. For ultra-high heat conduction and distribution, the third layer employs the aluminum material. The second and the first layers are the nonstick and the polished ceramic coating respectively

Healthy Cooking

To ensure that the food cooked from this pan is toxic free, the construction arrives at the nonstick surface through the cerami-tech technology and not by using PTFE or PFOA. As a result, you won’t waste time soaking the utensils; no food sticks to the pan.

Two Design Handles to Select

Depending on the type of handle that offers you much comfort and grip, the copper chef wok presents you two alternatives regarding the handle; casserole design and the long ones. That is to guarantee the cook the ease of emptying foods from the pan.

Plus accessories

As had been said the copper chef wok pan play various roles as a stir-fry, steaming, baking, roast fry and sauté pot. To fit the alternative uses it has got the fry basket, steam rack or roast rack, and a glass cooking lid. Besides, the buyer is provided with a recipe book.

The Pros

  • The food receives heat evenly from the bottom and sides
  • It fits a large sized family
  • Riveted handles for extra comfort
  • Its dishwasher safe


The striking, unique feature of the copper chef wok pan is its ability to hold twice as much as other pans, but cooking it in half the time the traditional pans require. Moreover, you can use this equipment with all types of heating sources. It’s a multifunctional pan.

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