Ideas to Keep your Toddler Occupied

Have you ever felt annoyed by the constant distraction from your toddler such that you can’t concentrate on anything else? If you are a mother of a toddler then you understand clearly what I’m saying.

That’s why you need, fail-proof tricks and ideas to get him occupied as you get busy on other projects. Only keep him within your vicinity!

Here are my sure tricks that have always kept my toddler busy as I prepare meals;

5 Ideas to Keep a Toddler Occupied

1.    Water plus bowls plus cups

All kids enjoy playing with water, right? So give the child an assortment of bowls, and cups filled with water at varying levels.

Next, spread out an absorbent material either on the table or floor. Believe me, the toddler is going to get messy and spill out water. Then get her interested in the play by pouring water from one cup into another and so on. Once she gets thrilled by it, she will want o take the lead

 To add more fun into the game and keep her occupied for longer hours, bring food colorings into the game. Color some water in the cups or bowls.

2.    Finger painting

Most kids like painting, drawing messy circles and line. So you can get the toddler occupied along that line of activities.

All you need is a raised chair or table, white paper, and paint. To make the art more intriguing, you can use edible paint. Add some food coloring to a cup of yogurt then you have your edible paint!

With edible paint, you won’t worry about the kid putting the paint in her mouth! Looks interesting huh?

3.    Boxes of varying sizes

If you want some time to home school other children, just collect reborn babies from of varying sizes and design to the toddler.

From the big refrigerator box to the smaller ones, all will thrill the young mind.  Clear the larger area and spread out the boxes in the floor. She will climb into bigger ones turn them into a hideout.

At times she will just stick them up and push them down again. And all that will buy you time! That means no more burning boxes from now on.

4.    Simple washing of foodstuffs

It’s amazing how some simple tasks keeps kids glued for long. Half fill a bowl with clean water. Set the bowl on the floor and get the toddler sited. Deep one to two pieces of sweet potatoes or tomatoes into the water.

Get her stated into washing the items. Just make sure the items aren’t small enough that she can swallow.

5.    Homemade musical instrument

Most kids are thrilled to bang items like spoons, cooking utensil or bowls. If your little ones have taken into that habit, don’t panic.

Here’s what you should do to keep the toddler occupied. Get a metallic container that you can cork tightly.   But first, drop some like sees or small pebbles into the container.  Your sweetie will be busy playing her instrument as you prepare meals!

So what is this one trick you use to get your little honey busy?

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