Review of Copper Chef Wok Pan

The copper chef wok pan is an all-around cookware. It differs from other copper made pans in many ways. For instance, did you know that it heats food evenly from both sides and bottom? Despite your large family, the Copper Chef Wok with 6-Qt capacity will safely handle it. Though a single cookware, it correctly serves many purposes.

The Distinguishing Features of Copper Chef Wok

Even Heating from all Sides

In an ordinary pan, the food being cooked receives heat mainly from the bottom. A copper chef wok provides even heating from both sides and bottom. That result in fast and excellent prepared foods. That’s one reason it fits a big family. Also when you own the pan, you won’t worry about your food containing excess oil. Cooking in a copper chef wok requires no oil, grease or grease. Surprisingly I the end the food slides off from the cooking pan effortlessly

Less Cooking Time

With an all-around heating technology, this type of pan will cook your food in half the time taken by other ordinary pans. Although it takes little time, it has a large volume food cooking capacity

Heavy Duty Construction

To ensure that it’s durable, the equipment consists of five layers of construction. From the bottom most to the innermost layers the arrangement is as follows; the bottom layer comprises of the induction plate. Next is the fourth layer for high-temperature exterior coating. For ultra-high heat conduction and distribution, the third layer employs the aluminum material. The second and the first layers are the nonstick and the polished ceramic coating respectively

Healthy Cooking

To ensure that the food cooked from this pan is toxic free, the construction arrives at the nonstick surface through the cerami-tech technology and not by using PTFE or PFOA. As a result, you won’t waste time soaking the utensils; no food sticks to the pan.

Two Design Handles to Select

Depending on the type of handle that offers you much comfort and grip, the copper chef wok presents you two alternatives regarding the handle; casserole design and the long ones. That is to guarantee the cook the ease of emptying foods from the pan.

Plus accessories

As had been said the copper chef wok pan play various roles as a stir-fry, steaming, baking, roast fry and sauté pot. To fit the alternative uses it has got the fry basket, steam rack or roast rack, and a glass cooking lid. Besides, the buyer is provided with a recipe book.

The Pros

  • The food receives heat evenly from the bottom and sides
  • It fits a large sized family
  • Riveted handles for extra comfort
  • Its dishwasher safe


The striking, unique feature of the copper chef wok pan is its ability to hold twice as much as other pans, but cooking it in half the time the traditional pans require. Moreover, you can use this equipment with all types of heating sources. It’s a multifunctional pan.

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