The PJs to Jam In

The term “pajamas” is synonymous with comfort. Great for sleeping and lounging, they are a must-have for most people. This review takes a look at bt21 pajamas which have been inspired by BT21 characters.

The Product

The OOHPA BT21 Cartoon Harajuku Pajamas are available in seven patterns. The Koya PJ has pale violet stripes with the cartoons in light blue. The Chimmy version has blue bands with the figures in yellow. Pink lines with matching colored Cooky characters is the third option. The RJ variant has pale blue stripes with the cartoons in white. The one with Mang has light blue lines with the characters in a matching color. Another has sea blue stripes with the Shooky print in brown. The Tata PJ has dark blue bands with the figures in red.

The standard pajama set contains a full-length pant and shirt. It retails at $30 – $33 based on the size and the character of the Bts Merch selected. The product is made of 100% cotton fabric and is meant to be soft and flexible. The tag is excluded to protect delicate skin from abrasion. The product is not original. It is the Chinese version but promises quality similar to the authentic item.

As stated by the seller, the product is measured by hand which may result in a slight deviation in the measurements specified in the description. The colors may also vary slightly from images on account of lighting conditions and monitor resolution. The product is manufactured in Asian Sizes. For compatibility with western measurements, order one size up for a snug fit and more for a loose fit, as per requirement.

The product can be washed in a machine. To avoid wrinkles, remove them immediately from the dryer.

Our Views

The fabric is of good quality, and the product is soft and cozy making it ideal to sleep in. The material is not too thick to be uncomfortable in summer. At the same time, it is not thin enough to be transparent. The product matches the images uploaded by the seller. The design with Tata stands out because of the vibrant hues and sharp prints. At about a third of the cost, the product is considerably cheaper than the original, and the quality is pretty close.

The product dimensions are inconsistent. As with most products that come in Asian sizes, problems with size are common. Some customers have reported that though the shirts fit well, the pants are snug or tend to have an awkward fit. For one customer, the product was small even after ordering two sizes up from what they usually wear. The neck of the shirt may be a little low for some.

The quality of stitching has been found wanting in some cases. The seam of a pant received by one customer was torn at the seat. A few others reported loose threads in the product. One mentioned that the Shooky character on the pajamas was dark blue in color as opposed to the images which show him in brown. One product had a hole in its leg.


If you want a set of cute, comfortable PJs with the BT21 characters on them and not spend a small fortune in the process, go for it.

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